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Client Testimonials


Mel has been the most helpful, knowledgable person whilst breastfeeding my son.  Her knowledge, skills and support helped me immensely in furthering my breastfeeding journey.

At the start of my journey I felt too embarrassed to feed in front of anyone, let alone discuss the discomfort I was in.  Mel put me at ease and helped my confidence in feeding my son grow.

Not only did Mel help me on my breastfeeding journey, her passion shined through and this helped me to inspire at least 3 of my friends to breastfeed their babies.  They said how easy I made it look and wanted to give it a try. What a result!

Mel's knowledge and passion absolutely transformed my feeding journey.  I enjoyed feeding my son so much, helping me and my husband become passionate about it too!

Thanks Mel 

Peach Sellers

Mel's course has been a godsend for me and my little boy who suffers with really bad colic and reflux. With lockdown we have found it really hard to access support and groups, but what Mel was able to offer us online was fantastic. She goes at a lovely pace, totally understands that babies are unpredictable and may not always want to join in and gives really detailed and easy to follow demonstrations. Would highly recommend.

Katie Squires